Monday, 20 August 2012

I kissed a boy and I liked it!

Woo hoo finally the last person I kissed is not Mr ex FWB!

That’s right, Friday night I kissed another boy. I am told he was a very good looking South African but I cannot confirm this as I can’t really remember. I wasn’t even that drunk, it just all happened really quickly! Anyway I am pleased as this is the first stage of my baby steps towards getting Mr ex FWB out of my life J

Someone even mentioned to me about Mr ex FWB and the girl from work and where as I would have normally run off crying to my bed, I just shrugged it off. I am slowly getting there I think.

So back to the weekend. Friday was good fun. We played Flip Cup and then headed into town. Aside from kissing someone there isn’t much else to report.

Saturday day Melissa and I tried to go to do some sightseeing however we ended up nearly gate crashing a wedding. Whoops. Instead we just went food shopping. Rock and roll, I know.

Saturday night I headed to my sisters for a BBQ and some karaoke. Warming up the old vocals for this weekend.

Yesterday me and Melissa just sunbathed in the garden and watched a couple of films. Very relaxing which was nice.

Dana messaged me Saturday to tell me how much sex she had been having (yep she does that occasionally). She has still been meeting up with the old flame and apparently they had sex over his car, in a field and in the sand and sea! At least someone is getting some I suppose! I really have no idea where this is going for her but as long as she is having fun, who cares!

I think that is all I have to report for now. I hope everyone had a good weekend and enjoyed the sunshine (if you had it of course)


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