Thursday, 9 August 2012

They were there and then they were gone

Yes I am referring to my hair extensions. After all the hassle and drama I have had them removed. It turns out they are pretty dam annoying! I can still have them put back in but I think for now I will leave my hair just as it is.

I have been trying to look for a holiday for the last couple of days. I feel the need to get away somewhere and my Mum and Dad have kindly offered to take me away. My god though it is hard to find the right place (and no I am not just being really picky). As there is only 3 of us we are limited to where we can go. I think I am going round there on Saturday to sit down with them and try and make a plan. Some people may think it is sad going on holiday with your Mum and Dad but not me. My parents are pretty much two of the coolest people you will ever meet and I don’t mean that is a young clothes wearing, joint smoking kind of way. They are just really fun to be around.

Last night I went to see the new Batman. It was pretty good. I normally have the attention span of a 5 year old and even I didn’t get bored. This in my books is a good thing J

Tonight I am back on the running. I haven’t been since Sunday which is really bad as I am behind schedule. Hopefully I don’t collapse and die in the woods somewhere along the route. If you do not hear from me tomorrow you know something has gone wrong!


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