Monday, 13 August 2012

The let down and getting lost

Well to say my weekend was a total let down would only be half true. Saturday night was really good and I had a lovely time. We went for dinner and then for some drinks. It wasn’t a crazy party night but was just perfect. Good food, good bars but most of all good company.

The same however cannot be said for Friday night. The night started off pretty normal with a few drinks in a bar chatting away. The plan obviously was to leave at a reasonable hour. This was so close to happening however when I went to walk out I saw a male friend from work who was out with another guy who I didn’t know. I ended up staying and chatting and drinking with them. This was where the night took a bad twist. My friend from work decided to keep trying it on with me, asking me to go back to his with him. This in itself would be bad however what made it worse is that he is married and he kindly told me his wife was away for the weekend so it was fine. I don’t even think he has been married that long. The friend he was with also tried it on with me and then I found out he had a girlfriend as well. I ended up leaving and in my drunken state crying the whole way home to the taxi driver about how every man was a cheat and there was no good ones out there.

What followed this was my head being thrown down the toilet and the previous night’s dinner making an appearance. All in all not great!

The whole night really left me feeling really crappy and down in the dumps. Not only did I feel like no man could be trusted but I obviously was just seen as an easy lay and a bit of fun for the night. Not quite the impression I want to give off to people.

My head has been all over the place recently and I do think I have gotten a little bit lost. I haven’t been truly happy for a little while and things do need to change. I think I need to take some time for myself and just stay away from alcohol, my local town and all men.

On a brighter note though I managed to book a holiday with my Mum and Dad. I just wish it was a bit sooner than it was as I still have 8 weeks to wait!

Also happy half birthday to me J


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